Bible Verse Wall Art

Posted on April 6th, 2013 by Indee
Bible Verse On Burlap Wall Art

Available at : A Burlap Boutique

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3 Responses to “Bible Verse Wall Art”

  1. Lynette sanchez said...

    Would like this bible verse how do i buy them

  2. Reyad said...

    Plz keep my daughter and I in payer today as we put our prioceus 16 year old cat to sleep around 2:30PM. Sparkle has cancer. Plz pray for those who don't understand our pain. Praise God for those who understand the unconditional love a pet can provide. Sparkle was part of a litter our young kitten had. My beloved husband had just had a stroke that left him paralyzed for life. God provided a comfort to the family through Sparkle and his mother, Nicole: our 8 year old daughter attended a Christian school and learned the responsible of caring for animals. Her friends loved Sparkle too. They would dress the kittens up in doll clothes and push them in the doll buggy. When my husband died 9 years later Sparkle was there. When my daughter went off to college out of state and was gone for six years Sparkle became my buddy. We Praise God for a special animal. We willl miss him. We know God has a special place for Sparkle

  3. Mphowza said...

    I have the need to call my daughter right now and tell her what a beuifatul Rose she is And if she in turn just might have kind words for the gardener in me

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