Bottle Lantern

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 by Indee
Hanging Wine Bottle Lantern

Available at : Going Green Lanterns

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4 Responses to “Bottle Lantern”

  1. Ingrid N. Brewster said...

    Tried to access Going Green Lanterns site through this link and another and but both states link broken. I would like to contact Going Green LAnterns to place an order.

  2. Indee said...

    Ingrid, the link works but this lantern has sold. If you click on their shop within Etsy, you will see several others available.

  3. Dirk said...

    Cool lantern, I have some bottles that I dont want to throw away and my area doesn't recycle glass. How did you cut the bottom off without breaking the bottle?

  4. Donna said...

    I use bottle cutter and it works great!

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