Forest Winter Print

Posted on January 9th, 2009 by Indee
Abstract Winter Forest Painting Print

Artist : Mandy Budan

Categories: Art, Painting.

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6 Responses to “Forest Winter Print”

  1. storybeader said...

    how beautiful! One of the best paintings I've seen in a while. Absolute!

  2. feefifoto said...

    Wow that's neat!

  3. Tomas said...

    Wow! Awesome. Your colors filled my heart with the stunning beauty - sick air magically was refreshed. THANK YOU for a sip of fresh air.

  4. BeadedTail said...

    So unique and beautiful!

  5. Anne-Marie said...

    Absolutely beautiful. A totally modern approach to a very classic subject. As a Canadian (now ex-pat), living under snow for much of the year, I remember seeing version after version of "trees under snow" paintings in everyone's living room. This one is entirely new and refreshing. well done!

  6. carrie said...

    Absolutely amazing!! I can't stop looking at it. Isn't that a sign of a great work of art?

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