Strapless Ruffle Dress

Posted on February 12th, 2009 by Indee
Strapless Ruffle Dress

Artist : Nichole Angelina Grazioli

Categories: Clothing.

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5 Responses to “Strapless Ruffle Dress”

  1. Strapless Dresses said...

    I'm very petite, so I don't think this style would work on me. Seems to me like I require some ruffling on the top, instead of the bottom? Other than that, the material is gorgeous!

  2. Erika said...

    im involved in a fashion show in a couple months... and I want the top of a dress to look exactly like this... does anyone have a pattern or knows how to do it???

  3. Womens Summer Dresses said...

    To be honest I don’t think strapless dresses look very nice. Most of the time I see a girl wearing one I wonder why she would wear it because she looks pretty bad.

    I think you have to have “just the right body” in order to pull it off and the majority of women who try to pull it off just can’t.

    It always looks good on a manequin because their chest is rock hard and usually fairly large (above average) not like a real woman.

    If you have a large firm chest then you can look great in a strapless. Otherwise be careful.

  4. Jessi said...

    Where can I buy this dress!?

  5. Indee said...


    It looks like she has sold this dress, but you could try contacting the artist directly through her Etsy shop to ask if she would make another one for you.

    Here is her shop :

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