'Leaping Filly'

Posted on May 27th, 2009 by Indee
Steel Horse Wall Scuplture

Artist : Laura Knight

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3 Responses to “'Leaping Filly'”

  1. C Day said...

    Is the Leaping Filly available for sale, and if so, what is the size of this art work, and the price. Also, any additional information about it would be appreciated...Thanks

  2. Indee said...

    C Day, Click on the artists name below the picture. It will take you to her website where you can find information about this piece as well as additional works and the ability to contact her directly.

  3. Becky Berggren said...

    I am very interested in your Leaping Filly. I am looking for a Beautiful focal point behind my stove top in the house we are building and this is the perfect size.
    Is it available? If not, can you make another one? I have been looking for something, I didn't know what, until I saw your magnificent piece of artwork. Everything you have done is beautiful but this piece would be just perfect!
    What is the price?
    How can I hang it?
    And would you suggest putting a tile frame around it, since it would also be hanging on tile?
    What are the exact colors, in case my computer's colors are accurate.
    Thanks and I am very excited!
    Becky Berggren

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